Client Perspectives of Healing

“I’m taking off the layers to get back to something that’s authentic, to get back to that authenticity of self, and that purity or divinity or, you know where, all of these past situations and wounds aren’t covering you up. There’s always light shining that never goes out.”

Katherine from Sue’s thesis work

“I could see better and I went from two-dimensional vision to three-dimensional vision. The world was flat for me and I really, don’t know how to put it any other way. I got out of my head and I went down into my body and I began to remember who I was, who I am, but I didn’t know what having a life meant because my actions were prioritized in my mind, directed in my mind, by keeping it all together and making it look good, huge perfectionism.”

Merlin from Sue’s thesis work

“Baggage that I had accumulated over all the years that I didn’t know what to do with and finally I had a chance to channel it into something that made sense to me and made me happy, and it put me at peace. …That was such a break-through and I look back and uh and I don’t want to ever stop because it’s like chipping away at a mountain. It’s like, wow, I really like that, I want some more and then after that that’s great, I’ll just digest that for a little bit and then I want some more.”

Jackie from Sue’s thesis work

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