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Participant Feedback:

1) Sue’s refresher was really helpful in solidifying my understanding of the entire EMDR process.

The Float back technique came alive for us in a very powerful way. It is much more than a tool to use when processing is stuck. It’s an integral first step in identifying the connection of early unreported/unrealized traumas to the current target.

Sue’s notes on when the SUDS won’t go to zero are a great resource.  Sue helped me realize that I had not properly explained to clients how to differentiate between current levels of distress and current levels of emotion or feeling when taking a SUDS.  A client’s reported SUDS level can remain elevated because they
retain strong feelings, for example, sadness when thinking about a loss and experiencing the natural grief process. If the memory itself is no longer distressing, that it is at a zero, we can move on to Phase V – installation.

2) “This course has been life altering. I think my life will be measured by before EMDR and after. My clinical practice has already shifted significantly, which has rejuvenated and energized me.”

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Master Class – Live in your area

EMDR Refreshers

EMDR and Mind Mapping

Common Stuck Points in EMDR

Mastering the EMDR Float back



EMDR DeTur Addictions Protocol & Feeling State FSAP Protocol Review

EMDR and Mindfulness

EMDR and Somatic Interventions

EMDR and Ego State Interventions

Advanced Preparation for work with Complex Trauma – all therapists welcome



1) EMDR & Mind Mapping  

with Sue Genest, 1st Class BA (Hons.) MSc. CCC. RCC.

May 9-12, 2019 & Dec. 6, 2019

Part 1: Introduction to EMDR Mind Mapping – 2hrs
May 9, 2019 9-11am Pacific time

Part 2: Case Conceptualization  – 2hrs
May 10, 2019 9-11am Pacific time

Part 3: Treatment Planning – 2hrs
May 11, 2019 9-11am Pacific time

Part 4: Question & Answer – 2hrs
May 12, 2019 9-11am Pacific time

Homework between sessions: practice mind mapping so you have questions for Part 4. We can review your work if you wish. Be sure not to include any identifying information on clients and have their permission to consult on the mind map.

Cost $300 Cdn. (includes gst) for all 4 sessions

Super Discount: Register for 3 online workshops by May 15th and pay only $600 for all 3.

Resources and Reference Guide Provided

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December 6th Registration

This practical online workshop will teach you a simple and efficient way to organize EMDR client files no matter how complex. Mind mapping can lower the overwhelming complexity of case files. This process was developed to help me with efficient case and treatment planning. I will teach you how to keep track of targets, client resources, themes, connections between targets, etc. while also providing a quick reference guide and way to plan sessions while ensuring you follow the 8 phases of EMDR. It will provide you with a process to clarify where further consultation is needed. Additionally, clients have commented that these maps have encouraged them as they can see clearly what they have completed, their strengths and resources, and themes in their life. They also understand that I have a thorough understanding of their process and needs. Future webinars will address an introduction to working with complex cases through mind mapping. This process will relieve a great deal of stress in the complication of EMDR with complex cases.


  • Learn mind mapping
  • Learn many creative ways to work with clients using mind mapping
  • Review 8 phase protocol
  • Review EMDR case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • Learn how to maintain adherence to the 8 phase protocol
  • Enhance work with clients through mind mapping
  • Enhance understanding of EMDR protocols
  • Support EMDR presentation and workshops

May Brochure

2) EMDR Common Stuck Points in EMDR

August 12, 2019; 9-4:30pm

with Sue Genest, 1st Class BA (Hons.) MSc. CCC. RCC.

Cost $250 Cdn. (includes gst) $300 after May 13, 2019

Super Discount: Register for 3 online workshops by May 15th and pay only $600 for all 3.

Resources and Reference Guide Provided

Registration VIA EVENTS page

This practical online workshop will provide answers to common EMDR Consultee questions and blockages in the 8 phase and 3-pronged protocols. I tackle the difficult and often unanswered questions by EMDR therapists who have stumbled over blockages and don’t know how to solve them. Some of the questions addressed are: “My client has so many targets. Where do we start”? “My client can’t find a calm place, now what”? “What if my client can’t float back to early childhood”? “I did preparation with my client, but as soon as we started phase 4, the client’s symptoms got worse.” “What if clients want to work on a different target every session if we haven’t finished the last”? “Do I have to follow the 3-pronged protocol”? These questions and others will be addressed in this workshop. I use metaphors, diagrams, stories, and case examples, and to support your learning in addressing common blockages.


3) Mastering the Float Back

November 8, 2019; 9-4:30pm

Early bird date: August 16, 2019

Registration Link

This practical online workshop will assist you in learning and/or reviewing the float back technique. Do you know the difference between tapping into an associative memory network versus a cognitive recollection of early events? Learn how. Learn how to work through the difficulties in doing a float back. Client concerns rooted to early life events can be effectively reprocessed using float back technique. Is your treatment planning going in circles? This might be the ticket for unlocking stuck points and advancing EMDR treatment with clients.

Cost $250 Cdn. (includes gst); $300 after the early bird date: August 16, 2019

Super Discount: Register for 3 online workshops by May 15th and pay only $600 for all 3.


Non Refundable payment; Credit may be transferred to another course or consultation if cancelled before August 16, 2019

Resources & Reference Guide Provided + Pre-Study access for EMDR Resources and Clinical Supplements

Sue’s Advanced Trainings
EMDR and Mindfulness
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC., RCC.
being scheduled

Review of the Addictions Protocols: DeTUR & FSAP
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC., RCC.
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Incorporating Body Psychotherapy into EMDR
with Sue Genest, MSc. CCC., RCC.
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Testimonials by Sue’s students…

“Well done. Really enjoyed the training. Questions answered well. You have shown experience, clearly evident, with EMDR and quick to problem solve and provide helpful explanation. Safe environment, integrative approach and teaching method.

“I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for what you offered in the Spring course of the Mind Body Integration. Your personal knowledge and experience was a wonderful asset to the class. You appear to be someone who is very much at peace with their personal growth and development, but always open to learning and synthesizing new ideas and thoughts.”

“Excellent! Sue had a wonderful ability to engage with the class, link different sections of the class together and challenge the students in different ways of thinking. She truly brought the class together as a cohesive unit.”

“Very attuned to the group and what the comfort levels were and learning needs were. Very approachable, very sincere.”

“Included all students comments and questions into discussions. Made students feel comfortable to learn.”

“Sue did an excellent job – very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great job of checking in with us to make sure our needs were being met”

“Sue was excellent. She was very supportive and resourceful. She came up with many of the activities and they all had specific meaning behind them. She had an extremely non-judgmental approach conducive to learning.”