EMDR Certification

What does Certification mean?

To become certified means that you have attained the level of mastery needed to meet the requirements set out by the EMDRIA. Becoming a certified EMDR therapist ensures that you become knowledgeable in current research, and you will attend advanced trainings and conferences to maintain your skill level and certification.

Certification increases your effectiveness with the protocol and helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the process. This training will support you as a therapist and helps you to stick with the protocol and to resolve issues when you come to “stuck points.” You will also be part of a community and meet other consultees through Skype consultations.

You will also have access to my online forum with numerous resources (handouts, articles, protocols, assessment tools, video links, checklists, treatment planning guidelines, peer consultation, etc.).

You will be listed in the EMDR Canada therapist directory, through which you are likely to receive more referrals