What is an Intensive?

  • a half or full day of counselling using EMDR, Hakomi, Mindfulness, Ego State work, DBT, … whatever is needed to address your needs.
  • a natural unfolding of the system (mind, body, spirit, emotion)
  • a gentle, respectful, and non violent counselling process
  • preparation for trauma work and/or reprocessing trauma
  • installing and enhancing your adaptive resources and networks
  • restructuring neural networks caused by wounds and long standing patterns/habits
  • re-organizing incidents from disturbing to factual
  • an update of the “software” or defrag you might say.

Please note that intensives aren’t for everyone. Sometimes slower is faster. We must respect your system (heart, mind, body, and spirit). The goal is to follow the natural healing process that creates transformation.

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Client Testimonials

“I feel like I had the best heart surgery the Universe can offer……Wow. wow :):)…

And I do have to thank you, once again, profusely, for your care and skill. I really can’t begin to tell you how much cleared for me. I have so much more space in me to live, and experience my life and my joy. Profound. For the past two years for example, I have woken up everyday with a fairly unbearable headache and had to have painkillers with my tea from grinding my jaw so badly (in addition to using a ball on my jaw and cheek muscles for 20 minutes at least to loosen things up). I no longer need to do this, and no more headache pills. Your ‘aim’ was diamond perfect!”

“I continue to be amazed at the effect of intensive EMDR on my life. The distressing physiological and emotional responses I used to have around certain people or situations have literally disappeared. The sense now is that of a memory for having felt a certain way but no longer experiencing it. Now, I feel calmly distant in the presence of people with whom I was intensely anxious around previously. Intensive EMDR with Sue allowed me to travel through and effectively integrate past traumatizing emotional, physical and psychological experiences in a relatively short period of time. The entire journey is aptly described by it’s title – intense! Throughout, I was profoundly grateful to Sue who knew how to guide me through this safely. I felt challenged, encouraged, and always supported through this tumultuous and, ultimately, peaceful process.”

“Attending an EMDR intensive with Sue was one of the best investments in my future well being. I have ever made. With Sue’s gentle guidance in a comfortable, supportive environment with no time constraints, I was able to process nagging issues of the past and the current triggers that created ongoing discomfort in my life. Yes, it was intense, but well worth it; and it was completed within a day! I now have a first-hand experiential understanding of trait change vs. state change, as past difficult experiences have become distant memories and the emotional and physiological distress has disappeared. I no longer experience distress with people or situations that once would have evoked powerful and often distressing emotions and behaviors and I have a stronger self worth. I am a happier person.”

It’s intensive yet gentle; It takes time yet without the sense of time pressure; It’s powerful and effective; It’s empowering with a sense of full closure/reprocessing. The intensive allowed me to process material in a way that was never done before.  The intensive allows one to heal in the most effective and pleasant way acquiring one’s inner peace and core stability. Through my own experience I highly recommend the Intensive to anyone who needs/wants to

  • “tidy up closets”
  • heal from any unprocessed material
  • establish their inner peace and core stability in the most effective pleasant way.”

To arrange counselling, please contact me:

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