Hakomi Body Therapy

What is Hakomi Body Psychotherapy?

Hakomi is a powerful and effective “body-centered’ psychotherapy that integrates cutting edge psychological methods and neuropsychological theories with the safety, curiosity, mindful observation, and respect found in many spiritual transitions. The following 5 principles are honored: Non violence, Mindfulness, Wholeness, Unity, and Organicity.

In Hakomi, the body is viewed as a door that can be opened to reveal the character and belief system of the individual. Through the body and present experience, we can access the deeply held, unconscious, habitual beliefs that shape our lives. This ‘core material’ is a combination of our experience, beliefs, neural patterns, and emotions and effects how we perceive, respond, and experience the world and relationships. Hakomi uses safe and supportive techniques to facilitate the emergence of these hidden patterns into consciousness where they can be directly experienced, re-evaluated and transformed.

We will observe with a gentle and curious attitude how you have organized your life experiences. You will discover how your self-organize and your natural impulses towards growth and change. We will discover your inner knowledge and wisdom. We will observe and explore together at your pace.

Change occurs within relationships and thus, as a therapist, I respect how we impact each other and hold healthy boundaries. The mind, body, and spirit are constantly affecting each other, and we will learn together what information your systems offering you for your journey towards wholeness. I will offer challenging yet gentle experiments and the opportunity for skill building so that you can reach your goals and dreams.

“Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material. It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results.” Association of Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

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