I provide online & in person counselling for:

  • Adults, Adolescents, Seniors
  • Individual session; Intensive, Group workshops
  • All diversity of humanity respected, celebrated, and welcome

I offer a healing environment of wholistic therapy acknowledging mind, body, spirit, heart, and emotion. You will find safety, non judgment, and your goals and dreams honored. My experience and those of clients who have found healing, say that self discovery is key. We will explore your inner truth so that your organization of self will direct us to clarity, balance, growth, increased coping skills, happiness, healing, and wholeness. Counselling is an opportunity for furthering your self development.

Counselling is offered for furthering personal development, past & recent trauma (e.g. abuse), grief, depression, stress, anxiety, life transitions, painful life struggles, etc.

Online Counselling Available

Counselling can be effectively done using a secure, compliant online counselling platform such as NousTalk, if the practitioner is skilled and the client is guided. EMDR can also be done in this format. I offer this form of counselling. Contact me for more details.


“Clients own definition of EMDR…”Sue Genest who is widely regarded expert in the field of mining gems. Incorporating the methods and techniques of Emerald Mining Done Right (EMDR) she helps remove the gems from the unforgiving soil and elements only to facilitate its return to the worlds vast display case… gleaming!”

“I have found Sue to be very non-judgemental and accepting of who I am and where I am at on my own personal journey. I have felt very comfortable in sharing my thoughts, my fears, my struggles and my dreams and have appreciated her support and encouragement. I highly value her empathy and intuitiveness as she skillfully assists me to be the best person I can be. Engaging in counselling with Sue has been a remarkable journey of hope and healing.”

“And I do have to thank you, once again, profusely, for your care and skill. I really can’t begin to tell you how much cleared for me. I have so much more space in me to live, and experience my life and my joy. Profound. For the past two years for example, I have woken up everyday with a fairly unbearable headache and had to have painkillers with my tea from grinding my jaw so badly (in addition to using a ball on my jaw and cheek muscles for 20 minutes at least to loosen things up).  I no longer need to do this, and no more headache pills. Your ‘aim’ was diamond perfect!”

“I didn’t really know what to expect when the appointment was set up. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the time with Sue Genest, probably because we were on the same wave-length on all of the topics covered and she was so comfortable and supportive that it didn’t seem like she was gathering information at all; more like a conversation with a good friend. I highly approve of and would recommend her technique.”

“Thanks for listening to me ramble on, Sue. I felt much better, it was good to express my feelings and know that I am not alone in this struggle. You helped me get clearer on what I could be doing, and why I am feeling unhappy. It was the beginning of my road to recovery.”

“I want to thank you so much for our chat’s and supporting me to establish the Breast Cancer Resource Group. It feels really great to see it growing now. This opportunity may never have come about if not for you!”

“Sue was sensitive, sincere, informative, and very helpful!!!”

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