Mandatory Participant Agreement

You must also download and print a PDF of the agreement, and bring it with you on the first day of training: Mandatory Participant Agreement

The undersigned participant acknowledges that she or he has thoroughly and carefully read, understands, and agrees to the following :

1. A significant component of the training involves clinicians practicing EMDR and related procedures in small groups under the supervision of the instructor or a qualified staff member. These practice experiences are for training purposes only and not for personal therapy. All participants should be prepared to address disturbing real life experiences as part of this training program in order to appreciate the subjective experience of EMDR as a client would and to provide valid training experiences for other participants. It is not unusual for a target memory to be linked to other, unexpected, disturbing memories or material, which might surface during or after the practice sessions. Trauma-related case material presented didactically, in consultation sessions, or on video may be disturbing to those with unresolved personal issues. In submitting their application for training, the participant affirms that they have developed appropriate self-soothing and affect/arousal management skills to cope with exposure to this type of material and will be able to employ these skills as necessary during and following EMDR training, practice and consultation sessions. It is the responsibility of the participant to seek, obtain and pay for appropriate professional assistance if needed. Providing such assistance is not part of the training.

2. You are expected to maintain a spirit of cooperation and mutual support for all in the training. The trainer reserves the right to withhold or dismiss from training any participant that she deems unable to successfully complete the training for any reason.

3. This experiential training is intended to prepare clinicians to apply EMDR for clinical purposes only and will not qualify the participant to train others in EMDR. Attempts to train others in EMDR without meeting the standards as defined by the EMDR International Association would represent a violation of professional ethics and standards. Additionally, in signing this document, I relinquish my right to teach EMDR in Western Canada.

4. In order to assure confidentiality of personal and clinical information, audio/video recording by participants is not allowed. It is expected that all participants shall maintain the highest ethical standards of confidentiality regarding all personal and clinical information shared by others in this training. Confidentiality shall apply to all consultation sessions and practicum experiences: specifics may be discussed only with members of the immediate consultation or practice group, the participant’s group consultant, practicum supervisor and trainer(s).

5. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all participants who satisfactorily complete the entire training and 10 consultation hours.