ONLINE EMDR Intensive Basic Training: March 2021 Eastern Time


2020 ONLINE EMDR 8+ Day Intensive Basic Training: Eastern Time: An EMDRIA Approved Course

March, May, July 2021

(weekday training)

All consultation is included in the cost of this course + manuals + hundreds of resources


Course Program:

Online Pre-Study Course: access 1 month before training.
EMDR Online Basic Training Days:
Day 1: Course Introduction – March 17, 9-4pm ET / 6-1pm PT
Day 2 & 3: March 18-19, 9-5pm (ET)/  6-2pm PT
Days 4 – 6 – May 19-21, 9-5pm (ET)
Day 7 & 8 – July 7-8, 9-5pm (ET)
Days 1-8 will contain all practica required to complete EMDRIA Approved Basic Training.

Day 9+ – Comprehensive Day Options:
August 7, 2021 9-4pm (Central time)
October 1, 2021 9-4pm (Eastern time)
December 5, 2021 9-4pm (Central Time)

More dates to be posted for 2022 at a later date.

***More practica days may be added to accommodate a larger group size and practica.

Early Bird Date: January 8, 2021

The training has been expanded from 5.5 days to 8+ days and 7.5 days to 10+ days at no additional cost to trainees due to the online format. Additionally, time will be spent to instruct trainees on how to do EMDR online from Sue’s 10 years of experience doing EMDR online.

This course INCLUDES 10 hrs of required consultation needed to complete your training. It also includes free access to “How to do EMDR Online” course + hundreds or resources for clinical and EMDR practice in Sue’s online forum with access to peer and facilitator consultation above and beyond the 10hrs required by EMDRIA.

Why take a training broken up over time? In this way you learn material, and are able to practice with clients, and then can continue learning over time instead of learning in 5 days and being launched into the world without follow up. My trainees have found this model best for integrating the EMDR Basic Training content. Additionally, learning or counselling online can be fatiguing and thus spanning the training over different dates reduces fatigue and increases learning integration.

Canadian EMDRIA Instructor: 

Sue Genest, BA Hons., MSc. CCC. RCC. is a certified EMDR therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Training Provider. She has been working in health care for over 33 years; 18 + years in Somatic Therapy; and 17 years in EMDR. She has also worked online with clients and consultees for ten years.

She has specialized in trauma work using EMDR, Hakomi body psychotherapy, and various methods to address the whole person (Ego State Therapy; Many EMDR Advanced trainings; CBT, DBT, Narrative, Solution Focused, Sensoritmotor, Theraplay, etc. + Shamanism, Indigenous teachings, Mindfulness, etc.). She works with individuals and groups addressing trauma (e.g. abuse, car accidents), addictions, grief, anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, health, and relationship issues. She has worked with the following populations: individuals struggling with various mental health issues (e.g. PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia), individuals with varying disabilities; minorities (e.g. Aboriginal, LGBTQ2SI+, immigrants), correctional offenders (e.g. Childhood trauma, personality disorders, military trauma); cancer patients, general public, student populations, and corporate professionals (E.g. EnCana, Enmax).

She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She graduated from The University of Calgary with her 1st class Honors BA in Psychology and her Master of Science degree in Counselling Psychology. She has won numerous awards for her academic work and taught several classes at Universities including counselling skills, lifespan development; mind/body/spirit medicine; qualitative research; and sexuality. She has publications and presentations in the area of counselling, EMDR, pediatrics, qualitative research, and sexuality.

Sue teaches EMDR Basic trainings across Canada and EMDR Advanced around the world.

EMDR Advanced trainings: EMDR Refresher; EMDR & Mind Mapping: Making the Complex Simple; EMDR Common Stuck Points; EMDR Addictions Goal State & Sue’s FSAP; EMDR And Somatic Therapy; Mastering the Float Back; and Sue’s BookEnd Protocol ©

Pre-Training Introduction

Introduction to the trainer. Overview of the training; pre-study; online forum resources; consultation needed; how to prepare your clients for EMDR; and Introduction to EMDR.

Will be recorded and available at a later date for those unable to attend March 20th.


The online pre study course link will be sent to you after you have registered and paid your deposit.

Pre-Study 1: Trauma Informed Care
Pre-Study 2: EMDR & EMDR Research
Pre-Study 3: Psychometrics & History Taking & Treatment Planning
Pre-Study 4: EMDR Resources
Pre-Study 5: Resources for Client Self Regulation

Course Options

NOW 8+ days  (was 5.5) + Day Intensive. Includes 10hrs of consultation.

Now 10+ days (was 7.5) + Day Intensive + 2 Comprehensive Bonus days – pick from:

August 7, 2021 9-4pm (Central time)
October 1, 2021 9-4pm (Eastern time)
December 5, 2021 9-4pm (Central Time)
More dates to be posted for 2022 at a later date.

This course is in Eastern time & Canadian dollars $2498 and early bird pricing of $2398 = $1599 for 7 days of training + all Consultation.

Comprehensive Course with 2 extra days is $2698.00 Cdn.

Included in your fees:
+ Pre-Training Introduction 4 hours (online + recorded)
+ Pre-Study Course Material 10-20 + hours of material
+ Thousands of Online Resources to supplement your EMDR and Clinical practice
+ 8+ day Core Training with lecture, video, demos, discussion, group work
+ Manuals
+ 4 Practica with EMDRIA Consultant / Facilitator experts
+ 10 + hours of Online Group Consultation

And thousands of supplemental resources available to support your EMDR & Clinical practice 

$600 Non refundable deposit applies to all payments made for this training (embedded in full payments). Balance due March 5, 2021.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
EMDR Program Deposit
Full Payment Due no later than March 5, 2021; Non refundable deposit for training. Balance is to be paid via etransfer to
8+ days EMDR Online Intensive Basic Training SPECIAL
Early Bird Date Ticket. INCLUDES 10hrs of Required Consultation
Optional Follow Up Day
Choose from dates listed above
10+ Day EMDR Online Comprehensive program
INCLUDES 10hrs consultation + Consultation Comp. Days: Choose 2 days listed in training details.



Qualified applicants will have a minimum of a Master's level training in a mental health discipline and must belong to a professional organization with a code of ethics, or be a graduate student having completed their core graduate academic coursework and have completed their practicum/internship portion of their graduate program. Graduate students must be on a licensing track and working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health clinician.

Please read the full EMDRIA prerequisites if you are a student or in a mental health field other than counselling: View full EMDRIA Prerequisites here.

If you will be unable to practice EMDR with clients between the two sessions you will be unable to complete the training.

All participants are welcome in my training regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender, race, culture, or religious background if you meet the above criteria.



Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or perfumed lotion during this training to respect those with sensitivities.