Mastering the Float Back: Advanced EMDR Online Workshop Aug 7, 2020


August 7, 2020


(30min. lunch break)

Early Bird Date: June 12, 2020

Program Overview

This practical online workshop will assist you in learning and/or reviewing the float back technique. Do you know the difference between tapping into an associative memory network versus a cognitive recollection of early events? Learn how. Learn how to work through the difficulties in doing a float back. Client concerns rooted to early life events can be effectively reprocessed using float back technique. Is your treatment planning going in circles? This might be the ticket for unlocking stuck points and advancing EMDR treatment with clients.

Participant Feedback:

Sue’s workshop was really helpful in solidifying my understanding of the entire EMDR process. The Float back technique came alive for us in a very powerful way. It is much more than a tool to use when processing is stuck. It’s an integral first step in identifying the connection of early unreported/unrealized traumas to the current target.


$300 regular cost after early bird date

$250 before early bird date

3 Program Special $600 up to May 8, 2020 – Any 3 of Sue’s EMDR Advanced trainings. Email Sue to indicate which 3 Advanced trainings you have chosen:

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