How to do Somatic Interventions Via Online Counselling – May 20, 2020



9:30 – 4:00pm Pacific time:

  • May 20, 2020 

Course Outline:

Guidelines for Online Counselling
Regulations for Online Counselling
Sue’s Tips & Guidelines for Online Counselling
Online Counselling Platforms
Somatic Interventions for Online Counselling
Experiential component
Discussion: Share your experience and tips


Counsellor, Psychologist, Social Worker, or other Licensed Counsellor


Sue Genest,MSc. CCC. RCC. has 18 + years experience with somatic therapy; 14 years with EMDR; and 33 years in the mental health field. She has worked online with clients for 10 years. She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and groups supporting their mental health, healing, and transformation.

Sue is a EMDRIA Approved Trainer; Consultant; and Certified EMDR Therapist. She has worked in Eastern and Indigenous traditions with Elders from all over the world including Canada, United States, Mexico, Hawaii, and Peru.

Computer Needs:

Please ensure your computer is fully updated before the training and if possible have a direct connection to your internet instead of using wifi to ensure the best connection.

Clearing your browser history and cache will lesson the chance of disconnections.

The workshop presenter is not responsible for trouble shooting your internet or computer difficulties.


Refunds will not be possible if you are unable to make your wifi work on the day of the workshop.

Refunds are possible up to and including May 1, 2020 directly through Sue Genest and will have a $20 administration fee added due to pay pal charges.

Private Consultation also available – see consulting in website

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Sue’s EMDR Trainee Testimonials:

“Sue is a beautiful teacher inside and out. Her passion for teaching definitely shows as she fosters a safe space for individuals in their learning. The warmth, love, and compassion that she radiates for her work with clients has also been a blessing to witness. Her desire to keep growing in her personal and professional life and encouragement of trainee’s to work on self-development is also much appreciated.”

“The comprehensive EMDR training was a great fit for my personality as I enjoyed group sharing in an intimate space with my peers. In addition, having the opportunity to watch a full demo of the EMDR process really helped me solidify and integrate my learning of the protocol in a way that makes sense. Lastly, observing Sue facilitate a session and debriefing as a group provided me with confidence in beginning to apply EMDR with my own clients. I am excited about the journey ahead in continuing to learn this modality with such a skilled teacher and therapist!”

“I found Sue’s basic training to be extremely informative and comprehensive that allowed me to grow into a confident EMDR therapist. Sue’s extensive knowledge and expertise in trauma and the use of EMDR is truly impressive. Her warm and engaging presence created a learning atmosphere that allowed me to ask questions freely which expanded my capacity to become a trauma therapist. Sue is committed to her trainee’s and I have found my strengths as an EDMR therapist through her guidance. I highly recommend any therapist who is considering taking EMDR basic training to obtain this training with Sue.”


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