EMDR Mind Mapping Oct. 23, 2020


Introduction to EMDR Mind Mapping

Oct. 23, 2020   9-5pm pacific time

(Early bird date Sept. 4)


EC Program Approval Number: #19007-09

EMDRIA Credits: 8


$300 regular cost after early bird date

$250 before early bird date

3 Program Special $600 up to May 8, 2020 – Any 3 of Sue’s EMDR Advanced trainings. Email Sue to indicate which 3 Advanced trainings you have chosen: info@suegenest.ca)


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EMDR, Somatic Therapy, & Mindfulness Nov. 20

Pre Study

Once registered and logged in, please review History Taking & Assessment Tools as well as Trauma on the Pre Study page.

Program Offering

This practical online workshop will teach you a simple and efficient way to organize EMDR client files no matter how complex. Mind mapping can lower the overwhelming complexity of case files. This process was developed to help me with efficient case and treatment planning. I will teach you how to keep track of targets, client resources, themes, connections between targets, etc. while also providing a quick reference guide and way to plan sessions while ensuring you follow the 8 phases of EMDR. It will provide you with a process to clarify where further consultation is needed. Additionally, clients have commented that these maps have encouraged them as they can see clearly what they have completed, their strengths and resources, and themes in their life. They also understand that I have a thorough understanding of their process and needs. Future webinars will address an introduction to working with complex cases through mind mapping. This process will relieve a great deal of stress in the complication of EMDR with complex cases.


  • Learn mind mapping
  • Learn many creative ways to work with clients using mind mapping
  • Review 8 phase protocol
  • Review EMDR case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • Learn how to maintain adherence to the 8 phase protocol
  • Enhance work with clients through mind mapping
  • Enhance understanding of EMDR protocols
  • Support EMDR presentation and workshops


Bookings are closed for this event.