What should I expect from counselling?

It is important to take time to decide what it is that you want from counselling. I can help you figure this out if this feels too difficult. It may also change as your therapy progresses.

Some ways to play with figuring out what you want:
1) Reframe the question. Another way to put this is to think about how you will know counselling is over? e.g. you are sleeping better, your anxiety or fears have resolved, past memories aren’t disturbing anymore, you are able to be in relationship the way you want, you feel more joyous, hopeful, and free, etc.

THEN write down what you have if you don’t have the difficulty anymore. For example, if you aren’t anxious, etc. what will you have instead? What will you be feeling instead of anxiety?

2) What brings you joy and peace? That can help you figure out what you want e.g. I feel peaceful when I walk in nature.  Or I love playing with my kids.. or I take pride in doing my work well… or…

Then what is the statement that describes what you want?

It could translate to “I want more time in my life to enjoy nature to be more balanced in the time I work and time I play”

What is your statement?

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