Victoria In Person EMDR Basic Training – October 4-9, 2021


Please note that this training is not guaranteed until a vaccine and safety around COVID can be assured. If it is not able to go ahead in person; it will be adapted for online virtual training (as current online trainings are currently in process) with similar dates listed below. If the training goes to an online format then two additional days will be added to assist in the online requirements with EMDRIA and for optimal learning.

6 Day Victoria Intensive EMDR Basic Training IN PERSON

October 4-9, 2021

Early Bird Date: July 2, 2021



EMDR Introduction (online introduction to instructor and course)

Extensive Pre Study (online Clinical & EMDR resources and links to enhance your application of EMDR)

  • Pre Study 1: Trauma Informed Care
  • Pre Study 2: EMDR & EMDR Research
  • Pre Study 3: Psychometrics & History Taking & Treatment Planning
  • Pre Study 4: EMDR Resources
  • Pre Study 5: Client Self Regulation
  • Pre-Study 6: Setting up for Virtual training and practica
  • Pre-Study 7: EMDR Cultural Competence & Learning about Microaggressions

EMDR Days 1-6  (Covers all basic training content and 4 practica)

– see below for more details

EMDR 10+ hrs of Consultation (available hours provided in day 1 session

+ Consultation INCLUDED in price)

+ Bonus access: Sue’s online forum with hundreds of resources + peer and facilitator consultation. Access provided after day 1.

+ Manuals

Learning Objectives:

  • to use the basic eight phase EMDR protocol, effectively and safely, and adapt it to special situations and populations.
  • to understand the research and theoretical positions on EMDR.
  • to be familiar with variations on the basic protocol for special populations.
  • to understand legal and ethical considerations in the use of EMDR.


  • the research on EMDR; review of the research, discussion of controversy/social psychology of innovation.
  • the psychology of trauma and diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
  • theoretical explanations for EMDR; accelerated information processing; alternate explanations; brain research; caveats.
  • the 8 phases of EMDR treatment.
  • EMDR and special populations.

Course Objectives:

Participants learn to use EMDR appropriately and effectively in a variety of applications. Such use is based on understanding the theoretical basis of EMDR, safety issues, integration with a treatment plan, and supervised practice.


EMDR Comprehensive Training: 2 Online Bonus Days. Dates tba

Why would I take Comprehensive days?

I listen carefully to the requests by trainees about their learning and needs. Therefore, I have created a comprehensive program that directly addresses the requests of prior trainees to have more time in discussion and consultation, more video and practice of the protocol, and time to spend on particular areas of the protocol that will enhance their learning e.g. case conceptualization and treatment planning; understanding the specific components of the 8 phases; and talk about applying EMDR to special populations. The comprehensive program incorporates these components. It also provides time to make deeper peer connections which are an asset for EMDR therapy.


Canadian EMDRIA Instructor: 

Sue Genest, BA Hons., MSc. CCC. RCC. is a certified EMDR therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Training Provider. She has been working in health care for over 33 years; 18 + years in Somatic Therapy; and 17 years in EMDR. She has also worked online with clients and consultees for ten years.

She has specialized in trauma work using EMDR, Hakomi body psychotherapy, and various methods to address the whole person (Ego State Therapy; Many EMDR Advanced trainings; CBT, DBT, Narrative, Solution Focused, Sensoritmotor, Theraplay, etc. + Shamanism, Indigenous teachings, Mindfulness, etc.). She works with individuals and groups addressing trauma (e.g. abuse, car accidents), addictions, grief, anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, health, and relationship issues. She has worked with the following populations: individuals struggling with various mental health issues (e.g. PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia), individuals with varying disabilities; minorities (e.g. Aboriginal, LGBTQ2SI+, immigrants), correctional offenders (e.g. Childhood trauma, personality disorders, military trauma); cancer patients, general public, student populations, and corporate professionals (E.g. EnCana, Enmax).

She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC. She graduated from The University of Calgary with her 1st class Honors BA in Psychology and her Master of Science degree in Counselling Psychology. She has won numerous awards for her academic work and taught several classes at Universities including counselling skills, lifespan development; mind/body/spirit medicine; qualitative research; and sexuality. She has publications and presentations in the area of counselling, EMDR, pediatrics, qualitative research, and sexuality.

Sue teaches EMDR Basic trainings across Canada and

EMDR Advanced trainings: EMDR Refresher; EMDR & Mind Mapping: Making the Complex Simple; EMDR Common Stuck Points; EMDR Addictions Goal State & Sue’s FSAP; EMDR And Somatic Therapy; Mastering the Float Back; and Sue’s BookEnd Protocol ©

Pre-Training Introduction

Provides an introduction to the trainer as well as an overview of the training; pre-study; online forum resources; consultation needed; preparing  your clients for EMDR; and EMDR.

Available upon full payment of training fees

Pre Study

The pre study materials will be sent to you after you have registered and paid for the training.

  • Pre Study 1: Trauma Informed Care
  • Pre Study 2: EMDR & EMDR Research
  • Pre Study 3: Psychometrics & History Taking & Treatment Planning
  • Pre Study 4: EMDR Resources
  • Pre Study 5: Client Self Regulation
  • Pre-Study 6: Setting up for Virtual training and practica
  • Pre-Study 7: EMDR Cultural Competence & Learning about Microaggression

Course Options:

6+ Day EMDR Intensive: $2498 Cdn.; $2398 ($1599US) if non-refundable deposit received by July 2, 2021. Includes: Online Introduction, Pre Study, and 10+ hours of Consultation.

8+ Day EMDR Comprehensive Training: $2698.00 which includes 2 Comprehensive Days with 6+ Days of EMDR In Person Intensive; Online Introduction; and Pre Study. Includes 10+ hours of Consultation.

Included in your fees for both programs:

+ Pre-Training Introduction 4+ hours
+ Pre-Study Course Material 10-20 + hours of material
+ Thousands of Online Resources to supplement your EMDR and Clinical practice
6+  day EMDR Intensive Training with lecture, video, demos, discussion, group work or 8+ Day Comprehensive
+ Manuals
+ 4+ Practica with EMDRIA Consultant / Facilitator experts
+ 10 + hours of Consultation:


The non-refundable deposit (also embedded in full payments) to hold your spot for training is $600 by July 2, 2021 for the early bird rate with the balance paid by Sept. 17, 2021 or by EMDR Introduction Bonus days if you choose to view them.

Once Training has started there are no refunds for any reason. 


October Former Trainee Testimonial:

“Can I just say again how grateful I am for the incredible foundational training you gave me? 90% of my practice is EMDR now and I’m confident in what I’m doing because I know that you taught it to me the way it’s supposed to be done. I see and hear some stuff online that really makes me shake my head. I’m glad I learned from a “purist”, if that’s what it would be called. I follow the protocol exactly how you taught us and demonstrated to us and man, does it work. 🙂

Anyway, I’m very thankful!”


Ticket Type Price Spaces
8+ Day EMDR Comprehensive Training 2021
6+ day In Person Intensive + Introduction + Pre Study + 2 Comprehensive Days
EMDR Intensive Program Non Refundable Deposit 2021 $600.00
6+ Day EMDR In Person Intensive 2021
Early bird rate for In person 6+ days + Introduction & Pre Study



Qualified applicants will have a minimum of a Master's level training in a mental health discipline and must belong to a professional organization with a code of ethics, or be a graduate student having completed their core graduate academic coursework and have completed their practicum/internship portion of their graduate program. Graduate students must be on a licensing track and working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health clinician.

Please read the full EMDRIA prerequisites if you are a student or in a mental health field other than counselling: View full EMDRIA Prerequisites here.

If you will be unable to practice EMDR with clients between the two sessions you will be unable to complete the training.

All participants are welcome in my training regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender, race, culture, or religious background if you meet the above criteria.



Please avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or perfumed lotion during this training to respect those with sensitivities.