Sign Up for Consulting: EMDRIA Basic Training Consultation


Sign up for your 10hrs of Consultation needed to complete the EMDR Basic Training here (5 x 2hr group consults). Please ONLY sign up for 10hrs and no more as to make sure everyone can get their 10hrs.

This consultation is provided to you as part of the cost of your training. However, if you sign up for consultation and don’t show up, you will be charged $50/session. Sue needs 1 week cancellation notice to ensure those on a wait list can join in. Be sure to double check the time zones.

Optional: You may also pay for your own consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant outside the training if you prefer. A letter from that consultant is required along with their EMDRIA Certificate proving they are a EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

EMDRIA Consultants you can hire privately to gain credit for EMDR basic training consultation:
Sara Norum
Dee Dee Kay
Michelle Gay
Sidney McGillicky


You are responsible for ensuring you have 10hrs of consultation for the training.


You may get MORE than 10hrs of consultation by posting cases in Sue’s online forum where peers and Sue’s facilitators will respond to your posts.

You may use 1 of 5 consultations for phases 1 & 2 and the rest need to be focused on phases 3 and beyond, i.e. actually doing reprocessing with client targets. Feel free to post extra cases on the preparation phase in the forum under case consultation. 



Ticket Type Spaces
2hr Group Consultation Feb. 1st 4-6pm PT
2hr Group Consultation Feb. 1st 4-6pm PT MG
2hr Group Consultation March 1st 4-6pm PT
2hr Group Consultation March 1st 4-6pm PT MG
2hr Group Consultation Oct. 2nd 2-4pm PT
Oct. 2nd 2-4pm Pacific time MG
2hr Group Consultation Oct. 15th 2-4pm PT
Oct. 15th 2-4pm Pacific time DD
2hr Group Consultation: Oct. 20th 6-8am PT
Oct. 20th 6-8am pacific time MG