EMDR Common Stuck Points: Advanced Online Workshop August 12, 2019


Answers to Common Stuck Points EMDR Consultees Ask

with Sue Genest, 1st Class BA (Hons.) MSc. CCC. RCC.

Stuck Points Overview

This practical online workshop will provide answers to common EMDR Consultee questions and blockages in the 8 phase and 3-pronged protocols. I tackle the difficult and often unanswered questions by EMDR therapists who have stumbled over blockages and don’t know how to solve them. Some of the questions addressed are: “My client has so many targets. Where do we start”? “My client can’t find a calm place, now what”? “What if my client can’t float back to early childhood”? “I did preparation with my client, but as soon as we started phase 4, the client’s symptoms got worse.” “What if clients want to work on a different target every session if we haven’t finished the last”? “Do I have to follow the 3-pronged protocol”? These questions and others will be addressed in this workshop. I use metaphors, diagrams, stories, and case examples, and to support your learning in addressing common blockages.


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$300 after the early bird date: May 13, 2019

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Resources and Reference Guide Provided + Pre Study Access with EMDR Resources and Clinical Supplemental Information

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Consultee Feedback:

The consultation meeting today was reaffirming, and quelled some of my fears around “doing the EMDR properly”. Sue provided comprehensive solutions to my stuck points as she tapped into her vast experience with this method. Listening to the casework of another group member who attended the consult was also encouraging and helpful. Thank you, Sue.


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EMDR Common Stuck Points
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EMDR Basic Training Session 1 / Level one or greater.

All participants are welcome in my training regardless of background, sexual orientation, gender, race, culture, or religious background if you meet the above criteria.