Welcome to Life Journeys Counselling!

Thank you for visiting Life Journeys Counselling. I would be honoured to support you on your journey towards more freedom, aliveness, wholeness, and connection on a personal and/or professional level.  Together, we can gently work towards the gradual unfolding of your true self. My approach is holistic and will assist you in releasing the layers of protective strategies from the heart, mind, body, and spirit. As we move through this process, those false beliefs that were never true about you will simply fall away, and you’ll be able to nurture and sustain a strong connection with your essence, your true self.

From this place of true self, you will experience yourself as fully alive and have access to the joy, awareness, and wholeness that have always been inherently yours. Lasting change can only happen when we are allowed to process “stuck” areas so that we can move into experiencing positive beliefs about ourselves, which leads to new ways of being.  I am as committed to your journey as I am to my own, so that together we can create fulfilling relationships, meaningful lives, and a world that will sustain and enliven all beings.