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Want SOMATIC / Body Psychotherapy training to support your EMDR work? I support these trainings:

Donna Martin – Psoma Therapy

Donna teaches Psoma Therapy around the world


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Georgia Marvin – Hakomi Body Psychotherapy
Georgia Marvin

Hakomi Network Edmonton
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Sue’s Advanced Trainings
EMDR and Mindfulness
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC
being scheduled

EMDR Case Conceptualization and Consultation: Using mind mapping 
with Sue Genest, MSc. CCC.
being scheduled

Stuck Points: Answers to Common EMDR Consultee Questions 
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC
being scheduled

Review of the Addictions Protocols: DeTUR & FSAP
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC
being scheduled

EMDR and Mindfulness
with Sue Genest, Msc. CCC
being scheduled

EMDR Case Conceptualization and Consultation
with Sue Genest, MSc. CCC.
being scheduled


Testimonials by Sue’s students…

“Well done. Really enjoyed the training. Questions answered well. You have shown experience, clearly evident, with EMDR and quick to problem solve and provide helpful explanation. Safe environment, integrative approach and teaching method.

“I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for what you offered in the Spring course of the Mind Body Integration. Your personal knowledge and experience was a wonderful asset to the class. You appear to be someone who is very much at peace with their personal growth and development, but always open to learning and synthesizing new ideas and thoughts.”

“Excellent! Sue had a wonderful ability to engage with the class, link different sections of the class together and challenge the students in different ways of thinking. She truly brought the class together as a cohesive unit.”

“Very attuned to the group and what the comfort levels were and learning needs were. Very approachable, very sincere.”

“Included all students comments and questions into discussions. Made students feel comfortable to learn.”

“Sue did an excellent job – very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Great job of checking in with us to make sure our needs were being met”

“Sue was excellent. She was very supportive and resourceful. She came up with many of the activities and they all had specific meaning behind them. She had an extremely non-judgmental approach conducive to learning.”


Looking Through the Eyes: EMDR & Ego State Therapy Across the Dissociative Continuum
with world renowned EMDR expert and presenter,
Dr. Sandra Paulsen

March 10-11, 2018
Victoria, British Columbia

This workshop is open to all licensed mental health professionals.

Workshop Content:
Dr. Paulsen describes how to work with dissociative clients using a phased approach to promote stabilization and containment before introducing EMDR therapy. A measured approach is also used to maximize safety for clients with dissociative tendencies.

EMDR can be combined with other therapies, but only if the integrity of the EMDR model is maintained. This workshop re-views specific ego state and other techniques and presents them in the context of how they may be appropriately combined with EMDR while maintaining the integrity of EMDR. Paulsen’s ACT-AS-IF and ARCHITECTS methods enable the integrity of EMDR to be maintained while fractionating the work and emphasizing stability and safety.

Dr. Sandra Paulsen, PhD., is a clinical and consulting psychologist and senior practitioner and instructor of advanced EMDR procedures who has authored several books/publications. Dr. Paulsen is a fellow of the ISST&D. As an EMDRIA Consultant she contributed to the 2010 revision of the ISST&D Treatment Guidelines. Dr. Paulsen delivers workshops worldwide. To date, Dr. Paulsen has presented in Asia, UK, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and numerous locations throughout the United States.

Authorship: Her recently published children’s book, All the Colors of Me: My First Book About Dissociation, co-written by Ana Gomez. A new book to accompany her early trauma workshop: When There Are No words: EMDR for Very Early Trauma and Neglect. Publications relevant to this workshop: Neurobiology and Treatment of Traumatic Dissociation: Towards an Embodied Self (2014) by Ulrich F. Lanius PhD and Sandra L. Paulsen PhD. And Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma and Dissociation: An illustrated guide for EMDR therapists and clients (2009) by Sandra Paulsen Ph.D.

For more information about Dr. Sandra Paulsen you can visit her website https://www.bainbridgepsychology.com/

To Register Contact Michelle Gay at michelle@arippleaffect.com or
call 250-412-5921.